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Ed & Judy Howard 
Live in Hopedale, IL August 2005

Brown-Eyed Girl

Vive De Funk

The Chicken

Do for Love


Viva De Funk

Kansas City

Givin it up

Under the Boardwalk

Wonderful World


Wonderful Tonight



Whinin Boy

Sweet Home Chicago

Viva De Funk

You Aint Lovin You aint Livin

Watermellon Man

Mr Pitiful

You Send Me

Love Light

2/25/12 - Dark Days Piano idea
Here's a piano track I'm working on :

12/14/2011 - Fred minus drums
This is the first drum-less track I did. It's Tony Williams' 'Fred'. The drums really make the song. The solo section is shortened here and I only comped chords through the 1st and 2nd endings. I want to thank Jeremy Poparad for writing out his chart, which you can get here.

Here's a no click, 2 bar count-off version: