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First things first, I'll try to keep posts informative and formal; more like an editorial. to keep it professional. The main topics will consist of Music: posts mainly conaining links to other sites that I've found to contain intersting pages, Networking: pages that explain concepts, theories and new stuff that I find informative, and Other stuff: little things of interest like mabye an article on my experience w/Sony MD or something.

Vinnie Colaiuta

This site seems to be the definitive site on this extraordinary man. It contains music files, some video and a great message board covering a wide range of topics. I HIGHLY recommend you visit the site regularly. I've been a rabid fan of the site since about 1999 and I own a copy of Steve Holme's video. It's a great video for drummers to learn from. "The genius with a cult following" is the way Steve Holmes describes him. I'd agree. 95% of what I have in my collection of "vinnie stuff" is due to HOD

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