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Hope to write an article describing my experience w/both of my MD recorders and the Trials and tribulations of the Uploading audio battles. I was blown away by the sound quality when I first got an MD recorder last year. I bought the Sony MZ-N10. It was the only one that I could find that had a mic input. Well, the new one I got is the Sony MZ-NH1. I boasts a 1 GB storage capacity and you can finally upload recorded audio via the USB cable. My only compaint: The cradle only charges the unit and doesn't serve as a cradle for the USB cable. sony mz-nh1 Here is a link to the spec sheet from sony. Here is a list of features from Features: Top of the line model from Sony's first line of Hi-MD recorders.

Backlit, 3-line, Kanji-displaying (Japan only?), jog-dial equipped remote (RM-MC40ELK - ¥8000).
Charging stand. (USB connection done separately, through body).
Auto Personal Disk Memory capacity: 18 discs of 500 tracks/9 discs of 2047 tracks.
Bookmark function (up to 2047 tracks).
Program (64 songs) / Group Program (20 groups)
"VPT" Acoustic Engine (Virtual Phone Technology = Virtual Surround)
6 Band Equalizer
Mic sensitivity (high/low) selector.
Digital pitch control (allows playback speed change without pitch change).
Date-time stamp.
Quick Mode
Removeable LiIon battery (LIP-4WM).
"High Definition" digital amp.
Body construction: Magnesium
Colors: Silver and Gold
Common to Hi-MD recorders:
Records to Hi-MD (1GB) blanks and normal MD blanks reformatted to 300MB.
Plays Hi-MD and original-MD disks.
Provides PC uploading of audio recorded from microphone or line input.
Functions as USB data drive (FAT format filesystem).
Linear PCM and ATRAC3plus recording at 256 ("Hi-SP") and 64 ("Hi-LP") kbps.
Included software: SonicStage 2.0 and SimpleBurner
Operating power provided over USB bus when connected to a PC.