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CDs you should buy

vinnieThis is a no-brainer. If you are visiting this site, buying this albumn is the least you can do to support Vinnie and the artists that appear on his album.


Sony SonicStage Upgrade

Sony has release an upgrade to the SonicStage program. Some of the newer features included are:

Integration of Connect™ music store - Music downloads powered by Sony.
Addition of Connect music store radio.
Access to CDDB (online database of CD album information) for automatic titling of most commercially-available audio CDs.
Tracks stored in "My Library" can be transferred to a portable device an unlimited number of times.
ATRAC® CD burning ("Create an ATRAC CD") and Redbook Audio CD burning ("Create Audio CD"), and MP3 CD burning ("Create MP3 CD") functionality.
NOTE: MP3 CD’s can only be created from original MP3 files.
The usage rule regarding burning count is based on the number of times a given playlist ("My Compilation") is burned (formerly based on number of times a given song was burned). The total number of playlist burns allowed is seven.

Here is a link to the upgradeHere is a link (MZ-NH1) For other models go to my next link, the instructions and change the model.

Here are the Instructions. Please read them. I noticed that they aren't including the Vocal Canceller anymore, which sucks. It was nice to have that built inl=.


Vinnie Colaiuta Google Group

In case anyone is interested in joining the group I've started please click the link here. To join, you just have to answer a few questions. The group just started, but it will grow with time.


One step Atrac to Wav program

Doing some digging around, I found an alpha version of a program that was developed at this site. If you click on the programs folder, you'll see it in there. Some info about it can be found here. I have yet to test it out and be warned that I take no responsibility for anything related to using this program. Use at your own risk.