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Thought I'd get back to some better topics...Drums!

I've been getting a lot of rare footage the past six months, so much so that I've had to buy an extra hard drive. Real cool stuff, namely Vinnie with Jeff Berlin and Eric Johnson. Watching it now and it's good stuff. Let's see...more stuff that I have....Vinnie with :

Gary Willis
John Beasley
Steve Tavaglione

from '89, THIS one is really good. I also got my hands on the MTV unplugged rehearsals with Vinnie, it's not bad. It's a bit hardcore to find rehearsals, but it lets you find out how Sting runs the show.



Given all the information based on factual, scientific studies, isn't it a bit convenient that some people would choose NOT to beleive what is irrefutable, proven scienctific fact? The problem with fundamentalism is that it fails to understand one of the tenants of science: lack of evidence leads to 1 choices: 1. failure to reject a hypothesis. Using this method, many scientists simply choose #1: meaning they can't reject that there may be a supreme being, but they can't confirm it either, there's simply a lack of scientific evidence to support it. People interpret this incorrectly.
Here are my thougts: Let's say there is a God,( and I think there is one) and 2000+ years ago you decide to reveal yourself to your creation. Are you going to start explaining how you created atoms & molecules and such? No, because people wouldn't understand it at the time, and most wouldn't now either. So God decides to put creation in terms that people can understand. It's quite logical if you think about it. The only problem was that the human race is slow to change and that's evident in the fact that in 2005, some people still beleive in the garden of eden story.


Back From San Diego

I've been back for awhile actually. Never go drinking w/the Irish. Also, beware rare cooked steaks in CA. I recently viewed a new Colaiuta live show and it's probably the best one I've seen in terms of sound/camera angle, etc. It's at the Baked Potato.

Had a show this weekend at Martini's. It was a good show, played my ass off. The bad thing is, I was dead tired all weekend.


Off to San Diego

I'm off to San Diego for the week, wish they had some decent shows I could go see while I'm out there. While I'm wishing, I wish I could visit the baked potato...


Vinnie NOT touring with Alan Holdsworth

According to HOD, Vinnie Colaiuta isn't touring with Alan Holdsworth in 2006. That's too bad. I have some shows with Vinnie & Alan and they're really good. Someday maybe I'll find the time to post some of the tracks. The concert I have is from '89.


It's been a while since posting, but anyway...

Found some pretty cool sounds of Mr. Colaitua playing with some really gifted kids. Check out this. Not only is it a great site, but it's one of those things that shows that Vinnie is a great guy that has his heart and his head in the right place.

On a side note, I've been working a lot out of Gary Chaffee's book Technique Patterns. It's a very challenging book and I'm having a tough time with some of the exercises.


Colaiuta tours with Jeff Beck

Vinnie Colaiuta is touring this summer in Japan. According to, the tour starts on July 1st and goes through the 13th. I won't be able to attend obviously, but for those in Japan, go see it!

I found a great article on Vinnie's site about metric modulation or as Vinnie called it, "super-imposed metric modulation"

vinnie . Click Here to check out Vinnie's only lesson!

The article is probably the closest thing to a lesson from Vinnie tha most of us will ever get That brings me to a topic a lot of people are probably wondering why he's not into the whole educator thing or why he doesn't do an instructional video. I give him credit for not doing one. He's the last of a dying breed of musicians that aren't temped by big companies to market themselves He knows he's a good player, he probably doesn't want to try and teach people stuff.

What would you teach someone on a drum video? Steve Holmes' video Shed Some Light is a great video. I'm the type of guy that lets my playing do the talking. And Vinnie's probably has a similar attitude. At the same time, why would you give away everything you've learned & worked for? Look at Weckl, he's done 5 or 6 videos and how many Weckl clones are out there? A lot. What Vinnie does by not doing videos or instructional items is tell people that they should strive for creativity and originality.


Vinnie Colaiuta Site goes live!

It's about damn time the best drummer around got a new site. If you haven't checked it out, click here and spend hours reading the articles and the FAQs are ok, too.
This thing still on? Just a test, folks.