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open source notation software for drummers

I have probably spent hours on this search term. Using google, sourceforge, freshmeat, etc. The reality is that there isn't a good piece of software out there (for windows anyway). I've tried numerous examples of software and none of them do this simple thing: provide a platform where I can transcribe or create drum patterns using hi-hat, snare, toms, etc. Finale Notepad sucks ass. And forget the text editor software packages, if I wanted to type out notes in a code-like format, I might as well write it down manually then trying to learn text based editing. And I don't want to have to download this pkg, and this pkg and compile this pkg, then this pkg. wtf? Isn't anyone taking advantage of any tablet type software? At this point I'm stuck to writing out things manually. I've checked for what it seems like 1-2 yrs and everything sucks.

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