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homesick blues

Had a gig last night in Moline. It went ok. Definately need new heads on the Catalina kit. And I obviously need to get into practicing some solo-like ideas, wasn't happening during the meters tune.

Stop by the house-in-progress: All flooring appearst to be complete, except carpteting. Most of the trim is up. Our builder must have either picked up the cabinets himself or they were delivered. If he picked them up himself, I feel bad he had to do that. My guess is he wanted to get started this weekend. Another thing is that it appears that the fireplace is done. Looks sweet. Some of the Fan/lights were installed too. He's really busting ass to get done. good. It's going to look really nice when it's all done. Really pro job. It's going to suck to move all our shit.

The driveway, sidewalks, back porch are going to have to wait to get poured as it's too cold out. I'm wondering about gutters, A/C, outdoor lighting trim, appliances and ultimately what our final price is going to be when he's all done. We bought all new appliances too. I'll be one broke mofo in about a month. Student loans kicked in also.