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Not much going on. House still for sale. Work is hard. Expecting twins in March. No boy name decided. Today was Steph's birthday. Went out to eat.



Well, I never took my truck back to the shop; the leak was so small and it's not worth the trip. It's run faithfully since being fixed. However, I did find out that the tailgate seems to be not-functional. The window works, but the tailgate doesn't drop all the way. I think it needs new shocks too.

Been driving to Bloomington for a SF project I've been working on. It's a very complex project and it's driving me crazy at times. Work is good; I just get nervous that I'm not doing a great job and working remotely has it's challenges. The Industry is so volitile as well. Seems like tech companies change on a yearly basis.

I think I need to start taking glucosamine, my knees & ankles crack at night. lately my wrists are funny in the mornings, too. Yeah, TMI.

So our house is still for sale, but I think we've worked out a deal where we can move into the newer one. There's some risk, but it's mitigated by some cash, so it should be ok.



My truck is 'fixed' technically, but when I took it to the place where it was 'fixed' today, they couldn't fit me in the schedule, so I'll be back there Monday. They said they'd fix the leaky gasket in between the transmission & the transfer case. Let's hope they do.

Our house is still up for sale, only had two lookers since the beginning of October. We're having an open house Sunday. I hope it sells soon.


Truck fixed

Got my truck back this morning. Tony & Dad came over to help me fix the bad fuel line. Luckily, it didn't take long. The transmission was fixed, however it leaks a small amount of transmission fluid. I'm taking it back to Hank's on Monday for them to take a look. I checked the fluid level and it looks like they simply added too much. I'm hoping that's all it is. Although, I think the worst case scenario is that I have to check the fluid often if the leak persists. Looks like it's coming from where the transmission hooks into the transfer case.

Our house still isn't sold. Getting a bit anxious about that.


Flock Browser

so I'm trying out a new browser.  It's neat.
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Today marks my 32nd birthday. Time to reflect? Consider changes? Maybe, but for now (at 3:25pm), it's time that I continue the day doing nothing.

I do wish my truck was finished being repaired. I put it off as long as possible (since February). I never got the chance to really let it grow on me.


Pre-birthday post

This Saturday is my 32nd birthday. No special plans. I need to re-setup my drums, they've sat in the cases too long. Practice pad doesn't quite cut it, but it's ok. House has been on the market for about 2 weeks now. Tonight it was looked at by a prospective buyer. I hope they put in an offer, it would be nice to sell it fast. We put in a contingent offer on another house here in town. It's downsized, but it makes more sense. I'd love to stay here, but the taxes and everything else are way too expensive for my tastes. Not looking forward to the actual move though (when it happens).

Been digging on the Luke vibbert stuff, Boomish & the usual. No new bands to report.


We're expecting twins (due in April)! Exciting news. Haven't been writing too much, been seemingly busy with work. Need to set my drums back up & get back to writing more. Truck is still broke down. Should fix it. Transmissions are expensive.


Day after Labor Day

Today is the day after Labor Day. I thought it would be a great idea to take off from work today and give myself a four day weekend. Turned out to be a very boring weekend and I didn't get a lot done.

I got ahold of some more Luke Vibert stuff and it's pretty good. The other band I'd like to get ahold of is Skalpel.

The Peavey mixer I ordered finally came in, however it doesn't do true multitracking as I wanted. The stupid thing is that it simply sends a stereo signal back & forth across the usb cable. Um, not sure why that feature necessitated a new model. I've decided to keep it though.

I've been writing some song 'seeds', but am having difficulty finishing even one song that I start.


Vacation begins!

Today begins my official vacation! We're heading to Wisconsin Dells and some cabins up there. I'm sure it will be fun.

Still waiting on the USB mixer I ordered 2 weeks ago.


Purpose & Work

Not a lot happening this weekend. Did the anniversary thing this weekend w/Steph. We went to eat at the Texas Road House. I rearranged the basement area I have for my drums & bought a folding table for my pc. The folding table was more than I expected to pay ($35). Everything is getting more expensive. Gas is now over $4 a gallon. I'm hoping to get the mixer I ordered soon. Tried writing some last night, but not much creativity happening.

We're going to try to keep our house and not sell it.


I'm surrounded by morons

I usually don't feel so condescending, but maybe it's the fact that there are so many stupid people on the internet.

Who starts off a response with "of course,..." ? This is almost auto-condescension. And then there are just the plain retards who use " well, maybe, just maybe..." Unbelievable.


Summer 2008 Begins

So, our house still sits, unsold. Go buy it.

Metamora is a funny place. The real estate market is a bit of a sham. Today we are scheduled to put in a bid on a house, but I'm definately having thoughts that I wish we weren't. What I mean is that I don't want to move from this house. It's simply not practical though. It's not a matter of 'can we afford' but more 'should we'? In some ways, there's so much more we could be throwing our money at, as opposed to this house.

On the other hand, it seems like the long term investment of our current house is a better thing.



Been a while since posting, but to make a long story short, the house business is done. Lawsuits are no fun. We've put our house up for sale by owner, for now. If it doesn't sell by August, I'm sure we'll look into using a Realtor. Personally, I think their commission rates are too high.

Bill & I have been playing with Draft Culture weekly. They're a modern rock band and it's quite a departure from Birdscorner. I recently bought a newer computer to start playing around with Ableton Live. I also ordered a Peavey usb mixer to record drum parts and whatever else. Bill & I have been trying to work out original music as well. We started using as a type of music project management tool. I'm hoping it will motivate us to complete some songs.

I've been listening to the Beach Boys lately. Pet Sounds is really the only album I own from them. It's very pure music.