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Been a while since posting, but to make a long story short, the house business is done. Lawsuits are no fun. We've put our house up for sale by owner, for now. If it doesn't sell by August, I'm sure we'll look into using a Realtor. Personally, I think their commission rates are too high.

Bill & I have been playing with Draft Culture weekly. They're a modern rock band and it's quite a departure from Birdscorner. I recently bought a newer computer to start playing around with Ableton Live. I also ordered a Peavey usb mixer to record drum parts and whatever else. Bill & I have been trying to work out original music as well. We started using as a type of music project management tool. I'm hoping it will motivate us to complete some songs.

I've been listening to the Beach Boys lately. Pet Sounds is really the only album I own from them. It's very pure music.

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