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Well, I never took my truck back to the shop; the leak was so small and it's not worth the trip. It's run faithfully since being fixed. However, I did find out that the tailgate seems to be not-functional. The window works, but the tailgate doesn't drop all the way. I think it needs new shocks too.

Been driving to Bloomington for a SF project I've been working on. It's a very complex project and it's driving me crazy at times. Work is good; I just get nervous that I'm not doing a great job and working remotely has it's challenges. The Industry is so volitile as well. Seems like tech companies change on a yearly basis.

I think I need to start taking glucosamine, my knees & ankles crack at night. lately my wrists are funny in the mornings, too. Yeah, TMI.

So our house is still for sale, but I think we've worked out a deal where we can move into the newer one. There's some risk, but it's mitigated by some cash, so it should be ok.