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things are different

It's been some time since I've posted and things are different. The week of 2/10, I flew to NJ for business (and what a non-eventful trip it was; more later). So that Wednesday, I'm on the Hertz bus after driving around NJ for an hour, looking for the Hertz building and Steph calls. She says, "don't be mad, but I'm at the hospital." I wasn't mad obviously, but I was curious why she was at the hospital. Did I mention she was 6-7 months pregnant? So I guess her water broke and they had stabilized her. I was on my way home anyway and would arrive in Peoria around 11pm.

That's what should've happened. I get to Philadelphia airport and check in. It's very much like every other time I've checked into my departure terminal. Hurry up & wait. My departure time is quickly approaching and I notice that no plane has arrived (I think, it's hard to remember now). Anyway, come to find out that they've delayed the flight due to high winds in Chicago. They delay the flight, but there's still a chance I can make the connection from Chicago to Peoria. I call the company travel agents and there's no other flights... typical.

About the time the plane is supposed to leave, they announce that the flight is delayed yet again. I will surely miss my flight from Chicago to Peoria. I call the travel agent and reserve a budget rent-a-car. I am now going to drive from Chicago to Peoria and my flight won't arrive in Chicago until around 11pm Central. I call Steph and let her in on the bad news. She says not to worry and that she won't have the twins until I get there (or much later, which would be better considering she's about 9 weeks early).

I go up to the American Airlines desk and ask what my options are. The agitated and rude agent asks, "I don't know what you're asking for, sir." What the fuck did she think I wanted? She was just pissed off for some reason, like it's my fault. Typical.

We board the plane and sit on the tarmack for 20 minutes. The pilot then proceeds to tell us that it will be another 40 minutes for some bullshit reason. Again... typical. We finally depart.

Landed in Chicago at around 11:30pm ? I don't know, it's a blur due to the fact that I drove 3.5 hours back to Peoria. There's more to the story, so stay tuned for part 2.

Update:  Part 2


San Diego

This week I'm in San Diego for work. I've probably been here 10 times for work, but this week is somewhat significant. It's very c0ld in back home in Illinois and for the first time, I'm happy to be somewhere warm and sunny, as opposed to cold and freezing. San Diego seems like a weird place though. It's very spread out, but very consistently... crowded. The geography of San Diego is filled with lesser-mountains, valleys and palm trees. The temperature is constantly 70-80 degrees with less than 30% humidity. The signal that winter is 'officially here' is that the temperature stays in the 70's. The highways are incredibly crowded. The local cuisine is predominantly Mexican and Asian, different from the Midwest. It is difficult to find a good place to eat steak and or burgers. When it does rain, it is very little and people react as if the world is ending, sliding all over the place. The cost of living is ridiculous. One homemade flier I saw listed a 900 sq ft house for $400,000.00. They charged $25 to read the ad (I'm kidding).

Tomorrow someone is supposed to look at the house, let's hope they put in a bid.


Saturday morning work rant

It's a Saturday morning and my entire day is open. This time of year is always a bit stressful at work with year end reviews and such. Every year, the company takes stock and re-organizes departments and people. Feels like I've been lucky to side-step any disasters at work. I have a great boss right now and they seem to put up with me. I feel like I'm at my threshold in my position; it challenges me and that's good. I could do a better job at some things at work, but like I said, it's challenging. I really need to concentrate on some things to do a better job in '09. I go to San Diego on 1/19 till 1/22 and I'm looking forward to it. Feels like I haven't been there in ages.

In other news, our house still hasn't sold and we havent' had any lookers in months. I'm not sure if it's the economy or the time of year.

Steph is doing well with the twins expected in mid-March. She is officially off from work till the births.

I'm thinking about buying a bass guitar to use in writing songs. I have trouble finishing song ideas that I come up with.