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Saturday morning work rant

It's a Saturday morning and my entire day is open. This time of year is always a bit stressful at work with year end reviews and such. Every year, the company takes stock and re-organizes departments and people. Feels like I've been lucky to side-step any disasters at work. I have a great boss right now and they seem to put up with me. I feel like I'm at my threshold in my position; it challenges me and that's good. I could do a better job at some things at work, but like I said, it's challenging. I really need to concentrate on some things to do a better job in '09. I go to San Diego on 1/19 till 1/22 and I'm looking forward to it. Feels like I haven't been there in ages.

In other news, our house still hasn't sold and we havent' had any lookers in months. I'm not sure if it's the economy or the time of year.

Steph is doing well with the twins expected in mid-March. She is officially off from work till the births.

I'm thinking about buying a bass guitar to use in writing songs. I have trouble finishing song ideas that I come up with.

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