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Sting's Wild Wild Sea

Not sure when I first heard this song, but I think I had rented Sting Unplugged from Hollywood Video while I was living on Forrest Hill in Peoria, IL. After watching it, I wasnt in a hurry to return it because it's that good. The song 'Wild Wild Sea' tells the story of a man who see's a ghost ship in the darkening sky. The man sleep walks into the sea, following the north star and the moon. He swims all night and finds himself on deck of a ship. Everything is silent around him. He then sleeps for what seems an eternity. When he awakens, he's in white linen and the sky is turning grey. Through the oncoming storm, he sees a sailor. When he gets close enough, he discovers it's his father. 'Lost in the wild, wild, sea refers to the ocean of emotions that he felt after his father died. The song, in my opinion is perfectly crafted around this story. And what personal story to tell. Perhaps thats why I like it so much.

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