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Guess the drummer

Had it in 5 seconds.


De Barge's Who's Johnny

First time seeing this.  Had the tape when I was a kid.  Stars Ally Sheedy


Harry Shearer's 'Le Show'

Why have I never heard to this before?  It's the sort of humor that is very quick, listen and think.  Listen for the 'Yeah, so' bit.

Le Show (Harry Shearer)


Ziggy piggy


Covered: Leonie O'Moore covers Spider-man 544

Covered: Leonie O'Moore covers Spider-man 544: Original cover by Mick Austin ; Marvel (U.K.) 1983. Leonie O'Moore's website is here .

Mike Stern w/ Louie Palmer, Janek Gwizdala

this video is interesting for the fact that it gives you a view of the 55 bar.   O and amazeballs musicians

M.A.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume -

I wasn't going to share this (because I've shared a bunch already today), but I came across it and I hadn't heard this in a long time.  I had it when I was probably 8 or 9 yrs old and it was the weirdest record I owned.  When I think about all the records I used to have, it's not a lot.  It's something like:

  1. Gremlins 45s from Hardee's
  2. MARRS 'Pump Up the Volume'.
Sort of explains a lot.  Enjoy:

What I Likes | Pogo

I like Pogo.  His music and videos are frenetic, fast, clever and they make me feel warm and fuzzy.  He takes things from my childhood and makes me like them all over again, for new reasons.  This type of music is called a mashup, although not long ago it would've been called a remix.  Or would it?  It seems that Pogo does take existing songs and remixes them to make a new song.  But he also makes new songs from sounds, clips, bits and such. A lot of his music, without the video, would be difficult to 'source'.  The samples are so short and staccatto, that it sounds like a phone call cutting out, but in a rhythmic way.

Snap - The power

this has so much tension

That son of a bitch

Is out there somewhere

Blame is for god and small children

Ok now

Lets see if this works