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Richard Tee - Contemporary Piano (1984) with Steve Gadd

posted before, but there's so much to learn from this, even if you're not a piano player.  A musician, it's important to learn what drives other musicians.


If only you spoke Hovitos...

UK - Philip Askins - Herge's Raiders of the Lost …:


Music Diversity

This is a snapshot of  my Google Music Library.

Dirty Loops: Loopified

this album is great.

I'm Alright - Caddyshack- Kenny Loggins Music Video

I can remember being a kid and hearing this come on over the TV and thinking "yes!!!".  You knew you were in for a treat for the next two hours.  Everything else was put on hold, Caddyshack (although it was the TV edit) was ON!



High School USA 1983

At least watch the opening credits, its star studded...sort of.    Michael J Fox, Anthony Edwards, Crispin Glover, Dawn Wells, Tony Dow, Todd Bridges, Bob Denver, Dana Plato....


Collaborate this ...


Blade Runner Soundtrack [Full Vinyl Rip 2013]

nice, makes me want a record player.  I may have to get this album and a player....