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Fun from the 11/12/2022 stream



 The world is a small place. When I first started watching Twitch, Soul_Pilot was one of the channels that I came across as a result of watching The Fantastic Plastics. Soul_Pilot is an LA-based musician/producer who streams on Sundays usually. He hires a full band for his streams and they play everything from Ben Folds to Jamiroquai. He mostly plays keys, but is also a great guitarist as well. The stream is well produced and has many interactions available to viewers in chat. Funny story, I'd been watching for a about 6 months and, on a whim I asked Soul_Pilot if he knew Jason Wormer. My brother had worked at a music store in the 90s with Jason. Jason went on to go to Berklee and later moved to LA to be an engineer. Turns out, Soul_Pilot was Jason's roomate in college and also in LA! What are the odds? I was not expecting his answer and I'm still dunbfounded. Anyway, check out his channel, here's his schedule.  


8-bit Blood

 Twitch is mostly a gamer-centric streaming platform, so the Music category feels like 2nd fiddle sometimes.  Being a musician, I normally watch musician channels.  There are a few exceptions, but a huge exception is the 8-bit Blood channel.  Retro vibes are prominent but more importantly, the vibe is "You are welcome here and You Matter".  I don't know a more welcoming channel where the streamer makes you feel important and ... needed.  In the age of the cold Internet, this channel makes you feel right at home.  You don't even have to know the game they're playing, its a great place to hang out.  Below are links to his latest stream and a live feed. Lastly, here's the schedule.  



Pimpdaddysupreme (or PDSMix ) on Twitch is a Nashville DJ and, as his Twitter bio says, is 'Host of Masters Of Mash and Beard Show, Bootie Mashup DJ, music producer, and fervent CrumplBanger.'  You don't have to know anything about any of that bio to figure out that he's a superb DJ and has a deep knowledge about DJ culture.  With over 8000 records in his collection, he performs on Twitch 4 times a week ( schedule here ) and you should really check it out.  His Friday streams alone are something I look forward to and you should too!  In my opinion, he's the best DJ on Twitch.  Check him out!  

Retro Drumming/Video triggered drums!


Kenny's Prog Rock Jukebox on Twtich

Being a musician is a funny thing.  The first 25 years of my life, my only exposure to other musicians was mostly other guitarists or drummers.  Occasionally, I'd hear a piano player or someone who played a decent Hammond organ.  But in the summer of 2020, I was watching the Fantastic Plastics Twitch stream and they were interviewing Kenny Friedman.  Kenny hosts his own Twitch channel called 'KennysProgRockJukebox' ( Here's a link ) on  Twitch is a live streaming service for mostly gamers, but in the late 2010s, they opened it up to other types of streams like IRL (In Real Life) and Music.  Musicians can host live streams where they play originals or covers and viewers can chat, tip and interact with the streamer. 

Kenny is unlike any other musician I've seen.  His piano (and guitar) playing are amazing.  It would be one thing if he was this amazing keys player, but on top of that he plays guitar as well.  Not just any guitar songs, he plays Steve Vai.  That's no small feat.  Also, his song list of covers is well over 4000 songs and he often plays songs 'cold' (meaning he doesn't know them or hasn't ever played them).  His ear is amazing.  Please check out his live stream below You can view his schedule here.

Stay tuned for the feature on Kenny's 2nd channel, TheJukesters!

This is a video-on-demand (VOD) and the 2nd player is a livestream link.