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 The world is a small place. When I first started watching Twitch, Soul_Pilot was one of the channels that I came across as a result of watching The Fantastic Plastics. Soul_Pilot is an LA-based musician/producer who streams on Sundays usually. He hires a full band for his streams and they play everything from Ben Folds to Jamiroquai. He mostly plays keys, but is also a great guitarist as well. The stream is well produced and has many interactions available to viewers in chat. Funny story, I'd been watching for a about 6 months and, on a whim I asked Soul_Pilot if he knew Jason Wormer. My brother had worked at a music store in the 90s with Jason. Jason went on to go to Berklee and later moved to LA to be an engineer. Turns out, Soul_Pilot was Jason's roomate in college and also in LA! What are the odds? I was not expecting his answer and I'm still dunbfounded. Anyway, check out his channel, here's his schedule.  

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